The future is Brightly.

Monitor your UV exposure to keep
your skin healthy and youthful.

Track your exposure

Brightly automatically monitors your exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays based on the UV index at your location. By detecting when you are outdoors, Brightly is able to track your UV exposure over time and give you a “report card” for sun smarts.

Start the countdown

When you go outdoors, Brightly prominently features a timer that counts down the hours, minutes and seconds before you need to seek the shade and reapply sunscreen. Let the app worry about your UV exposure, so you can enjoy your time outside.

Promote healthy skin

Protecting your skin from UV every day is the best way to keep it beautiful and healthy. Brightly continuously calculates your personal UV exposure and risk level based on your skin type. You will receive timely alerts and information about the best ways to protect your precious skin. You can use Brightly to help you establish healthy habits and earn awards for your sun smarts.

The future's
looking bright

Brightly is your personal UV monitor.

For healthy, beautiful skin, it’s important to protect it from UV exposure every single day. UV light causes premature aging and other kinds of skin damage, including increased risk of cancer. Brightly is the best tool to help you understand your personal risk and track your exposure over time.

Our mission is to help everyone prevent excessive UV exposure and promote healthy behavior. We do that by helping you track exactly how much UV you’ve been exposed to and alerting you well before your daily exposure gets too high.

Keira Barr, M.D. is a board certified dermatologist and Co-Founder and President of Aegis Consulting Group, LLC. where she provides domain expertise in medical disciplines across broad applications including healthcare, biotechnology, and personal care. She currently serves as domain subject matter expert and Medical Director for A.R.O., Inc to develop Brightly. Prior to her work with A.R.O., Inc., Keira was on faculty at University of California Davis School of Medicine in the dermatology and pathology departments as an expert in skin cancer and melanoma. 

Brighter than
the normal app

There’s more than meets the eye with Brightly.

We’ve developed sophisticated sensor technology to help Brightly know when you’re outside, even if your phone is in your pocket. Brightly also offers personalized information based on your skin type and location. Brightly gets you. And wants to help you live a smarter, healthier life.

Brightly was developed by A.R.O., Inc., the contextual intelligence company, in Seattle, Washington. A.R.O., Inc., builds apps and technologies that help people lead happier, healthier, and generally more amazing lives.

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